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What is Plus Size Body

"In the fashion industry, plus size is defined as sizes 18 and up, or sizes 1X-6X, and extended size is defined as 7X and up," according to PLUS Model magazine.

Plus size refers to clothing sizes that are larger than the standard sizes typically found in retail stores. The term "plus size" generally refers to sizes 14 and above, although the specific definition can vary depending on the brand or retailer. In general, plus size clothing is designed for people who are larger than the average person and may require a different fit or style than traditional sizes.

A plus-size model is a person who is engaged primarily in modeling plus-size clothing. Plus-size models are generally models that are size 14 and above and are used to model clothing for plus-size individuals. These models are used to showcase plus-size fashion, lingerie, and swimwear, and to advertise products such as cosmetics, housewares, and appliances. Plus-size models are also used in fit modeling, which is a type of modeling where the model is used to fit clothes to ensure they are comfortable, fit well, and are aesthetically pleasing. Plus-size models can work in both commercial and editorial segments of the fashion industry.

Whether or not someone finds plus-size individuals sexy is a matter of personal preference. Beauty and sexiness are subjective, and what one person finds attractive may not be the same as what someone else finds attractive. Society has traditionally placed a high value on thinness and often portrayed thin individuals as being more attractive or sexy, but this notion is changing and plus-size models and individuals are becoming increasingly visible and accepted in the fashion industry and media. Additionally, people of all shapes and sizes can be and feel sexy, and it's important to recognize and celebrate diversity and body positivity.

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