Who are Cannibals?
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Who are Cannibals?

Cannibals are individuals who engage in the practice of cannibalism, which involves consuming the flesh or organs of members of their own species. It's important to clarify that cannibalism is considered a heinous and taboo act in most societies and is illegal in many countries. Cannibalism is an extremely rare and extreme behavior in modern times, typically associated with isolated incidents, mental illness, or extreme survival situations.

Cannibalism, the act of consuming the flesh or organs of members of one's own species, is generally considered a rare and aberrant behaviour in modern society. It is not associated with a specific place or location where a group of people who engage in cannibalism live.

Historically, there have been documented cases of cannibalism in various cultures and under different circumstances, such as:

  1. Ritualistic Cannibalism: Some ancient cultures practiced cannibalism as part of religious rituals or ceremonies. These practices have largely disappeared over time.
  2. Survival Cannibalism: In extreme situations, such as shipwrecks, plane crashes, or during famines, people have resorted to cannibalism as a last resort to stay alive.
  3. Criminal Acts: In some rare cases, individuals with severe mental health issues or criminal tendencies have committed acts of cannibalism.
  4. War and Conflict: There have been instances of cannibalism during wars and conflicts, often as a form of psychological warfare or due to extreme conditions faced by soldiers.

It's important to reiterate that the overwhelming majority of people do not engage in cannibalism, and the practice is widely condemned by societies around the world.