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Top Bloggers in the World

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide you with a list of some of the top bloggers in the world. Keep in mind that the blogging landscape is constantly evolving, and new bloggers may have risen to prominence since then. Additionally, the popularity of bloggers can vary by niche or industry. Here are a few bloggers who were influential at that time:

  1. Perez Hilton (Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.): Known for celebrity gossip and entertainment news.
  2. Huffington Post (Arianna Huffington): A widely read news and opinion website featuring a variety of bloggers and contributors.
  3. TechCrunch (Michael Arrington): Focused on technology news and startups.
  4. Mashable (Pete Cashmore): Covers technology, digital culture, and entertainment.
  5. Engadget: A popular tech blog with multiple contributors.
  6. Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond): Features a mix of cooking, lifestyle, and homeschooling content.
  7. Gawker: Covered media and celebrity news; however, please note that Gawker ceased operations in 2016.
  8. The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni): Known for fashion and lifestyle content.
  9. Smitten Kitchen (Deb Perelman): Focuses on cooking and recipes.
  10. The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman): A prominent fashion blog featuring street style photography.
  11. Zen Habits (Leo Babauta): Focuses on simplicity, minimalism, and personal development.
  12. A Beautiful Mess (Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman): Covers DIY crafts, home decor, and lifestyle.
  13. Copyblogger (Brian Clark): Offers content marketing and copywriting advice.
  14. Seth's Blog (Seth Godin): Features marketing and business insights.
  15. Neil Patel: Known for digital marketing and SEO advice.

Please note that the popularity and influence of bloggers can change over time, and some bloggers may have shifted their focus or transitioned to other platforms like YouTube, podcasts, or social media. To find the most current and influential bloggers in specific niches, it's a good idea to use search engines and social media platforms to discover trending voices and experts in your area of interest.

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