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Social Media Management Services
Boost Your Business through Social Media

Social Media Management & Marketing Services

Everything you need for your online presence is at Qezla. We work on things that have an impact on the society in which we live. With our global presence and 3500+ clients, we offer unmatched customized, process-driven software solutions and services. We have been utilizing the greatest talent in India for the past 12 years. To guarantee complete customer pleasure and peace of mind, we create unique packages that are suited to your needs. Regardless of your industry or location, we are professional social media marketers giving monthly solutions to manage your social media networks.
We will assist you to professionally promote your business with my ultimate social media management skills. Engage your community. Build an audience. Increase your revenue. It's all possible with our social media services packages. Let Us Manage, Optimize, and Grow Your Social Media Presence.

What you get on

$130 USD - Premium pack 30 days Accounts Management 

6 Post/week + Followers increase + Stories + Content Creation

  1. 5 Platforms
  2. Reporting.
  3. Schedule posts.
  4. 30 days Delivery.
  5. Community building.
  6. Competitive analysis.
  7. Social media strategy.
  8. Page/channel evaluation.
  9. Develop Brand Awareness.
  10. Engagement with followers.


1.    First draft: You'll receive a preliminary delivery outline.

2.    Profile setup : Your social media platforms will be set up by us, and we'll make all the necessary content (cover, profile image, etc.) for them.

3.    Content Creation : According to your objectives and plan, we will produce material.

4.   Post scheduling / publishing : Your social media posts will be scheduled and published by us in accordance with your strategy.

We can accommodate your schedule and are readily available to assist you by managing your social media and to answer your queries, schedule meetings, and offer support. Since 2015, we have dominated the market for digital marketing services, so you may be confident in our ability to protect you. You will receive guidance at every step of the simple process. In order for you to evaluate and approve the posts, they are supplied before the monthly campaign begins. In the event that there are comments, we will revise and resubmit them.

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