Is Really Tomato Ketchup Healthy?
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Is Really Tomato Ketchup Healthy?

According to experts, store-bought tomato ketchup contains a number of additives and preservatives that are hazardous in a variety of ways. They are only used to enhance the flavour of ketchup. It's high in sugar, salt, fructose, preservatives, and corn syrup.

The delectable tomato ketchup, which has a distinct taste with all the characteristics of tomato in it, works perfectly with appetisers like your favourite French fries, hash browns, burgers, and even pizza. It may surprise you to learn that some individuals love this spice with just about every snack, including paratha, samosas, Maggi, and more! It is unmatched by any other sauce and makes a fantastic side dish for any fried cuisine. However, did you realise that eating ketchup can potentially cause a number of health problems?

Experts claim that store-bought tomato ketchup contains a number of preservatives and chemicals that are hazardous in different ways. They are merely meant to make ketchup taste better. It has significant levels of fructose, salt, sugar, preservatives, and corn syrup. The body reacts negatively to the combination of all these chemicals. Here are a few of the reasons this delectable condiment should be avoided.

Tomatoes are known to have high levels of malic and citric acids. Overindulgence in it may result in acid reflux or heartburn. When these acids enter the stomach, they combine to form gastric acid, which the body uses to process food. Therefore, it is recommended that people with stomach issues avoid eating tomatoes or tomato ketchup.

Too much sugar and preservatives in tomato ketchup can raise body fat, which in turn raises obesity. You may be shocked to hear that eating too much tomato ketchup might also cause the body to produce less insulin.

Because tomato ketchup contains histamine, consuming it frequently can lead to a number of allergies. Depending on how much is consumed, it may also make a person throw up or have diarrhoea. Here's why you should toss that bottle of tomato ketchup.

Regular use of tomato ketchup raises triglycerides and fructose corn syrup levels in the body, both of which are linked to heart disease.

Foods high in preservatives have been shown to induce inflammation in the body, which can lead to joint issues. Eating a diet high in sodium and processed foods raises the body's calcium levels, which may raise the risk of kidney stones.

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