Daily Use English Sentences for Child
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Daily Use English Sentences for Child

Here are some daily use English sentences suitable for children:

  1. Good morning!
    • Use: Said upon waking up or when you greet someone in the morning.
  2. What's for breakfast?
    • Use: Asking about the morning meal.
  3. I love you!
    • Use: Expressing affection to family members or friends.
  4. Can I have a snack, please?
    • Use: Politely requesting a snack.
  5. Thank you for the delicious lunch!
    • Use: Expressing gratitude after a meal.
  6. Where is my backpack?
    • Use: Asking about the location of personal items.
  7. It's time for school.
    • Use: Notifying that it's time to go to school.
  8. How was your day at school?
    • Use: Asking about a child's day.
  9. I need help with my homework.
    • Use: Requesting assistance with schoolwork.
  10. Let's play outside!
    • Use: Suggesting outdoor playtime.
  11. Can I have a bedtime story?
    • Use: Requesting a story before bedtime.
  12. Goodnight!
    • Use: Saying farewell before going to sleep.
  13. What's the weather like today?
    • Use: Asking about the current weather.
  14. I'm thirsty; can I have some water?
    • Use: Requesting a drink.
  15. Where's my favorite toy?
    • Use: Asking about the location of a specific toy.
  16. I'm tired; it's time for a nap.
    • Use: Expressing the need for a nap.
  17. I don't feel well; I need rest.
    • Use: Expressing discomfort and the need for rest.
  18. Mom, can you help me tie my shoes?
    • Use: Requesting assistance with a task.
  19. I'm excited for my birthday!
    • Use: Expressing anticipation for a special day.
  20. What's your favorite game to play?
    • Use: Asking about someone's favorite game.

Encourage children to use these sentences in their daily interactions to enhance their language skills and express their thoughts and feelings.

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