Best Indian Restaurants in Texas
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Best Indian Restaurants in Texas

Texas is home to a diverse culinary scene, and you can find some excellent Indian restaurants throughout the state. Here are a few highly-rated Indian restaurants in Texas, spanning different cities:

  1. Dallas:
    • Taj Mahal Dallas: Known for its authentic North Indian cuisine and warm ambiance.
    • Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine: Offers a blend of North and South Indian dishes and has a variety of vegetarian options.
    • Spice in the City: A popular choice for modern Indian cuisine with a Texan twist.
  2. Houston:
    • Nirvana Indian Restaurant: Known for its flavorful dishes and a range of options for vegetarians and meat lovers.
    • Kiran's: Offers upscale Indian cuisine and is famous for its creative fusion dishes.
    • Himalaya Restaurant: Known for its Pakistani and Indian dishes, especially the biryani.
  3. Austin:
    • Asiana Indian Cuisine: Offers a wide range of traditional Indian dishes and has a lunch buffet.
    • G'Raj Mahal Cafe: A food truck turned restaurant, known for its unique outdoor seating and Indian street food.
  4. San Antonio:
    • India Palace: Offers a diverse menu of classic Indian dishes and is known for its flavorful curries.
    • Biryani Factory: Specializes in biryani and offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes.
  5. Fort Worth:
    • Tandoor Indian Restaurant: Known for its tandoori dishes and flavorful curries.
    • King's Kitchen Indian Restaurant: Offers a range of North Indian and South Indian cuisine.
  6. Plano:
    • Chennai Cafe: Known for its authentic South Indian cuisine, especially dosas and idlis.
    • Spice 'N' Rice Indian Cuisine: Offers a mix of North and South Indian dishes and has a lunch buffet.
  7. Irving:
    • Saravanaa Bhavan: A well-known chain of South Indian vegetarian restaurants with a variety of dosas and other dishes.
    • Tandoori Times: Offers a blend of Indian and Pakistani dishes, including flavorful kebabs.

Please note that the restaurant scene can change, and new places may have opened since my last knowledge update in September 2021. It's always a good idea to check recent reviews and ratings on platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor for the most up-to-date information on the best Indian restaurants in Texas. Additionally, individual preferences for food and ambiance can vary, so exploring different options to find your personal favorite is a great approach.

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