Basic English Words for Kids
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Basic English Words for Kids

Here are some basic English words suitable for kids, along with simple meanings:

  1. Sun:
    • Meaning: The bright object in the sky that provides light and warmth during the day.
  2. Moon:
    • Meaning: The natural satellite of the Earth, visible in the night sky.
  3. Star:
    • Meaning: A bright, shining celestial object in the night sky.
  4. Sky:
    • Meaning: The expanse of air over the Earth; the upper atmosphere.
  5. Cloud:
    • Meaning: A collection of water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere visible as white or gray masses.
  6. Rain:
    • Meaning: Water falling in drops from the clouds.
  7. Wind:
    • Meaning: The natural movement of the air, often felt as a breeze.
  8. Tree:
    • Meaning: A tall plant with a trunk and branches, typically producing leaves or fruits.
  9. Flower:
    • Meaning: The reproductive structure found in plants, often brightly colored.
  10. Bird:
    • Meaning: A warm-blooded, feathered vertebrate with wings, typically able to fly.
  11. Fish:
    • Meaning: A cold-blooded aquatic vertebrate with scales and fins.
  12. Cat:
    • Meaning: A small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur.
  13. Dog:
    • Meaning: A domesticated carnivorous mammal, often kept as a pet.
  14. House:
    • Meaning: A building for human habitation.
  15. Car:
    • Meaning: A vehicle with four wheels, typically powered by an engine, used for transportation.
  16. Ball:
    • Meaning: A round object used in various sports and games.
  17. Toy:
    • Meaning: An object designed for play.
  18. Book:
    • Meaning: A set of written or printed pages bound together.
  19. School:
    • Meaning: An institution where students are taught.
  20. Friend:
    • Meaning: A person whom one knows and likes, with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

These words cover a range of everyday objects and concepts, providing a good starting point for building a child's vocabulary in English.

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