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Alternate for Unmadhi Telugu

The term "Unmadhi" in Telugu translates to "Insane" or "Mad" in English. If you're looking for an alternative word or phrase with a similar meaning, you could consider:

  1. Pagilipothunna (పగిలిపోతున్న) - Going crazy
  2. Vihvala (విహ్వల) - Disturbed or agitated
  3. Atakamaina (అతకమైన) - Abnormal or erratic
  4. Pragalbhanga (ప్రగల్భంగ) - Eccentric or extravagant behavior
  5. Moorkhanga (మూర్ఖంగ) - Foolish or senseless
  6. Ajanthika (అజంతిక) - Unreasonable or irrational
  7. Jatharagni (జఠరాగ్ని) - A metaphorical term for an agitated or disturbed mind
  8. Anavasthitha (అనవస్థిత) - Unstable or unsettled

Choose the term that best fits the context in which you intend to use it.

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