7 Tropical Fall Escapes Where Summer Never Ends
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7 Tropical Fall Escapes Where Summer Never Ends

If you're looking for tropical destinations to escape to in the fall where summer never seems to end, consider these seven beautiful locations:

  1. Maldives: The Maldives is a paradise of white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and overwater bungalows. With a year-round tropical climate, it's an ideal escape for those seeking a perpetual summer experience.
  2. Hawaii, USA: Hawaii is a popular year-round destination with stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Fall is an excellent time to visit as it's less crowded and the weather remains warm.
  3. Bali, Indonesia: Bali offers a mix of lush jungles, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches. With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, it's a fantastic destination to enjoy in the fall.
  4. Seychelles: Located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles boasts pristine beaches, coral reefs, and unique granite rock formations. The temperature remains invitingly warm throughout the year.
  5. Costa Rica: Fall is the shoulder season in Costa Rica, meaning fewer tourists and lower prices. It's an excellent time to explore the country's diverse ecosystems, from tropical rainforests to pristine coastlines.
  6. The Caribbean: The Caribbean is a vast region with numerous islands offering year-round warmth and tropical beauty. Consider destinations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic for a fall escape.
  7. Fiji: With its friendly locals, clear waters, and abundant marine life, Fiji is an excellent destination for those looking to enjoy the beach and water activities in the fall.

Remember to check travel advisories and entry requirements, especially in light of any ongoing global health concerns. These destinations offer an endless summer experience, making them perfect for travellers looking to extend their warm-weather adventures into the fall season.

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