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Infymor Studios provides exceptional services for all types of events


"Embark on a journey where ordinary events transform into extraordinary experiences. Our Event Planner Services redefine celebration, infusing each moment with creativity and precision. We don't just plan events; we curate memories. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, our team orchestrates seamless experiences, where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of your vision.

Unleash the magic of personalized celebrations tailored to your unique style. Elevate your events, engage your guests, and let us turn your dreams into unforgettable realities. Because when it comes to celebrations, we believe in crafting moments that resonate, linger, and stand out. Let's create your story together. #EventPlanner #CraftingMemories #UnforgettableCelebrations 🌟✨"

Infymor  is an Event Planner, Organizer, Management, Unique Surprise, Party Planning, Wedding Events, Birthday Party Decorations, Birthday Surprise Events, Dream Events, Baby Shower, Corporate Events, Movie Promotions and Audio Launches.

We Handle:

  • Birthdays
  • Cradle Ceremony
  • Dothi Ceremony
  • Saree Ceremony
  • Baby Shower
  • Cake Smash
  • Engagement
  • Pre Wedding
  • Mehendi
  • Sangeeth
  • Marriage
  • Reception
  • House Warming
  • Bachelor Party
  • Surprise Party
  • Anniversary Party

RECEPTION🌟 Elevate Your Guest Experience with Our Reception Services! 🌟




🎉 Make Every Birthday Unforgettable with Us! 🎂✨


SURPRISE EVENTS🎉 Make Every Birthday Unforgettable with Us! 🎂✨


Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? 🎉 Whether it's a dazzling wedding, a corporate soirée, or a special celebration, our expert event planners are here to create an unforgettable experience just for you! Make your occasions special with our professional planning services! We manage everything, including weddings, business events, conferences, birthday parties, and media events.

💡 Why Choose Us?

✅ Bespoke Events Tailored to Your Vision

✅ Seamless Planning and Execution

✅ Unrivaled Attention to Detail

✅ Stress-Free, Enjoyable Celebrations

Let us transform your ideas into a stunning reality! 🌟 Contact us today for a consultation and let the countdown to your extraordinary event begin! 🥂✨ #EventPlanner #UnforgettableMoments #CelebrateWithUs"

Feel free to customize the note to better fit your specific event planning services and target audience.

Contact Us Tel: +91955-015-3271 | | Whatsapp

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