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H1-B Sponsorship And Profile Marketing

Profile Marketing And H1-B registration for H1B aspirants for the fiscal year 2023.

Greetings from Wolfrax Corporation!

We have begun the process of H1-B registration for H1B aspirants for the fiscal year 2023. We are filing H1B petitions for people who live in the United States. Share this information with your friends and family who are looking for H1-B sponsorship this year.

We are an experienced technology consulting firm with BEST- RECRUITERS and JOB SUPPORT to help you file your H1-B Petition for 2023. We are seeking CPT, OPT, H4EAD, L1, L2EAD, HB transfer, GC, and US citizens interested in Direct Marketing. We will assist you in marketing your profile at the highest possible pay rate.

We are currently seeking the following consultants to join our team.

  • Java Developer
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Microsoft365
  • Middleware admin
  • Mulesoft
  • Linux
  • Informatica
  • Dotnet with azure
  • Oracle plsql
  • LTE  testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Service now
  • Phyton D developer
  • Dotnet Developer
  • Devops Engineer
  • QA Automation Tester
  • Business Analyst
  • Salesforce developer
  • Android Developer
  • IOS Developer
  • Project manager
  • Sap Modules
  • PHP Drupal developer
  • Android/ IOS Developer
  • Java developer
  • Hadoop and Bigdata
  • Dot Net developer
  • Angular JS
  • UI Front End
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Science & All Major Technologies.

We have a strong and experienced marketing team that will help you throughout the marketing process and land your next project with one of our established clients.

Benefits we offer:

  • OPT Extension
  • h1b Sponsorship
  • GC Sponsorship
  • Aggressive Profile Marketing.

We welcome any graduate with any visa (i.e., CPT, OPT, L2-EAD, STEM OPT, H4-EAD) in the United States. Note: This is only for Candidates who are residing in USA with valid EAD. For more information, Please contact me at Tel +91 955 015 3271 or hr@Wolfrax.com


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