Corona JN1 Variant Cases In India
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Corona JN1 Variant Cases In India

NITI Aayog member (Health) Dr. V K Paul stated on Wednesday that there have been up to 21 cases of COVID-19 sub-variant JN.1 identified nationwide thus far, but he insisted that there is no need for concern. The speaker underscored the importance of states stepping up testing and fortifying their surveillance systems, while also stating that the Indian scientific community was attentively examining the novel variety. Paul emphasised that between 91 and 92 percent of affected individuals choose to receive treatment at home.

Official sources state that 19 cases of the COVID-19 subvariant JN.1 have been found in Goa, and one case each in Kerala and Maharashtra. 16 COVID-19-related deaths during the last two weeks have been reported, and the deceased had significant comorbidities.
In light of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases and the discovery of a novel JN.1 variant in the nation, the Centre has requested that states and union territories keep a close eye on things.
Mansukh Mandaviya, the minister of health, examined the readiness of medical institutions nationwide on Wednesday and emphasised the need to remain vigilant against newly developing coronavirus strains.

92.8% of cases, according to Union Health Secretary Sudhansh Pant, are in home isolation, indicating minor sickness, despite the fact that cases are rising.
"There hasn't been a rise in hospitalisation rates linked to COVID-19. "Covid was an incidental finding and the hospitalised cases had other medical conditions," the speaker stated.
There has been an increase in the daily positivity rate in certain states, including Kerala, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Karnataka.

Regarding the novel JN.1 variation, Pant stated that while it is presently the subject of close scientific examination, there is no need for immediate alarm. No clustering of cases linked to the JN.1 variation has been seen in India, according to officials. According to them, every case was determined to be minor, and the patients made a full recovery.

According to Union Health Ministry data updated on Wednesday, India registered 614 new coronavirus infections in a day, the highest since May 21. Meanwhile, the number of active cases jumped to 2,311.

Despite its fast spreading nature, the World Health Organisation has designated JN.1 as a distinct "variant of interest" and stated that it presents a "low" danger to global public health.

The international body said on Tuesday that the JN.1 variant was once categorised as a variable of interest (VOI) as a member of the parent lineage that is categorised as a VOI, the BA.2.86 sublineages. But JN.1 infections have been reported in a number of nations during the past several weeks, and the virus's incidence has risen sharply worldwide.

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