Australia Life Insurance BPO Campaign
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Australia Life Insurance BPO Campaign

Industry: B2BC Life Insurance Campaign

Type: Lead Generation

Calling data: Nation Wide

Number of leads per day: 4-6

What is Income Insurance?
It’s a transfer of risk. Nothing but a back-up plan!

There are a few key questions you need to ask. Start by looking at the below expenses and calculate how much they would cost on a month to month basis.
• Household expenses (e.g. groceries, electricity, water bill, etc.)
• Home loans
• Credit card and other debts (e.g. car loans)
• School fees

The above doesn’t even factor in lifestyle expenses (e.g. going to the movies, sports club memberships). Consider the additional cost for recovery/healthcare if you were ill or injured.

What’s the difference between income insurance and…
Life insurance pays a lump sum of cash in the event you either pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance pays a lump sum of cash if you become permanently disabled and will be unable to work because of illness or injury in either your own or any other field ever again.

Trauma insurance pays a lump sum of cash if you fall ill or are seriously injured and cannot work for a period of time. (e.g. cancer, stroke).

How it works!
We provide a NO obligation consultation at your home or work.

The consultation will include a comprehensive discussion to help find a ‘best fit’ for your insurance needs and help ensure you and your family will be protected if you’re affected by serious illness or injury.

Sales Script


Hi, this call is relating to your Life Insurance policy. Nothing to be alarmed about. Every Australian Citizen and Permanent Resident (PR) in your area will be receiving this call over the coming days.

[Where are you calling from?]
We are calling on behalf of large Life and Income insurance group who specialise in protection feasibility studies. For example, they would conduct a review to determine you are paying too much for your current life or income insurance policy. There is no cost for the review.

Before I start, need to advise this call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. There is only four (4) questions that I need to ask today. Is this OK?

[If prospect qualifies]
I am not selling anything my Job here is to book a suitable time with you with one of our senior Financial Advisor who will come and meet you in person That’s all. No obligation, no pressure.

When is the best time to organise for the reviw? Tomorrow or Day after? We need you to have at least 1 Hour for the review
• AM
• PM

Qualifying Questions

If you don’t mind, I just need some basic information, is this OK?

[Call List Information]
Note that when speaking to potential prospect, please confirm if Business Name and address – if NOT, please request NEW information]

Your full name:
Address: (confirm if calling data address is correct) Mobile: (repeat and confirm)

Thank you for your time.

Qualifying Payment Criteria

BOOKED: AN appointment has been booked for visit and the Advisor has met the customer who is QUALIFIED. (This is a paid lead) $30 AUD

MISSED: Client has decided to not take it after meeting the Advisor but was qualified. (This is a paid lead)

NI: Client is not interested or changed his mind and DID NOT meet the Advisor. (Not Paid)

NO-SHOW: Cannot make contact with the Prospect. (Not paid)

MISLED: Prospect believes they have been grossly misled about the reasons for the original call. Compliance Manager to investigate accordingly. (Not paid)


Quality Appointments.
Appointment is free no cost.
Appointment Booking time: After 10.30 time.
Type of Appointment : Personal ( Time 1 hour )
Details to collect from Center: Phone Number And Email ID.
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday ( 11:30 am - 8 pm ) AEST time.
Commission will increase in accordance with Center Sales and Quality Appointments.
We are searching for promising call Centers to work with on an ongoing basis. Beginning in January 2023, new campaigns with significant payments are anticipated. For any campaigns, we never charge from Centers. Centers interested in long-term affiliation are invited.



Please Submit your Center Details Click Here ( Google form )

After Registration we will share the Contract, Script and Training  

We are registered and operate from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.


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