20 Things You Should Never Do In Public
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20 Things You Should Never Do In Public

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While social norms and acceptable behaviors may vary across cultures, there are certain general guidelines for behavior in public places that are commonly considered courteous and respectful. Here are 20 things you might want to avoid in public places:

  1. Loud conversations: Keep your voice at a reasonable volume to avoid disturbing others.
  2. Personal grooming: Save activities like nail clipping or applying makeup for private spaces.
  3. Public intoxication: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to disruptive behavior.
  4. Playing loud music without headphones: Respect others' desire for a quiet environment.
  5. Talking on the phone loudly: Use a moderate tone or take the call in a designated area.
  6. Spitting: This can be considered unsanitary and offensive.
  7. Cutting in line: Wait your turn in queues or lines.
  8. Public displays of affection (PDA): Be mindful of cultural norms and avoid excessive displays.
  9. Blocking pathways: Keep walkways clear to allow smooth movement for others.
  10. Not picking up after pets: Clean up after your pets to maintain cleanliness.
  11. Smoking in non-designated areas: Respect no-smoking zones and designated smoking areas.
  12. Littering: Dispose of waste properly in designated bins.
  13. Using offensive language: Be mindful of your language to maintain a positive environment.
  14. Taking up too much space: Be considerate of others in crowded areas.
  15. Feeding wildlife: It can disrupt natural ecosystems and lead to unintended consequences.
  16. Public transportation etiquette: Yield seats to those who need them, and follow the rules of public transportation.
  17. Taking photos without permission: Respect others' privacy when taking pictures in public spaces.
  18. Public arguments: Try to resolve conflicts privately to avoid disturbing others.
  19. Playing loud games or videos without headphones: Use headphones to keep noise levels down.
  20. Ignoring public safety rules: Follow guidelines and rules to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Remember that cultural differences play a significant role in what is considered acceptable behavior. Being aware of and respecting the customs of the specific community or region you are in is essential.

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